Park Football

Two boys are playing football in the park when one of them is attacked by a rottweiler. Thinking quickly, his friend rips a plank of wood from a fence, forces it into the dog’s collar and twists it, breaking the dog’s neck. All the while, a newspaper reporter who was taking a stroll through the park is watching. He rushes over, introduces himself and takes out his pad and pencil to start his story for the next edition.
He writes, “Manchester City fan saves friend from vicious animal.”
The boy interrupts: “But I’m not a City fan.”
The reporter starts again: “Manchester United fan saves friend from horrific attack.”
The boy interrupts again: “I’m not a United fan either.”
The reporter asks: “Who do you support, then?”
“Liverpool,” replies the boy.
The headline the next day: “Scouse b*****d kills family pet”


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